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Social 100 EDM: #19 • Genres: Electronica, Pop


i had a long and factual and fairly tedious bio up here but it was, well, long and fairly tedious. so now i have this. although at present i don't know what 'this' is, as i haven't actually written 'this'. in writing a bio i'm trying to find that nice balance of self-involvement, pithy self-deprecation, and brevity. which leads me to think that i should just stop here. but i've never been one to err on the side of brevity, so i'll just keep writing.

i was born in nyc on september 11, 1965, and now it's 2009 and i still live in nyc. which(living in the same city in which i was born) would be provincial and depressing if nyc didn't happen to be the least provincial and depressing city on the planet. and i'm sort of stuck living in nyc because:

a-i don't have a drivers license(we all benefit from this, trust me, i'm a terrible driver).
b-most of my friends live here.
c-nyc is nice.

what else about me...i make records and occasionally go on tour and play concerts. i'm currently signed to mute records, which makes me proud because mute is a great label and i get to call nick cave and goldfrapp and diamanda galas my label-mates.

now really is the time when i'm going to force myself to err on... read more
the side of relative brevity (my other bio was about 30,000 words). thanks for reading.